Residential locksmith services in San Antonio, TX

Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock knows that your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. And doing whatever you can to protect that investment is just a natural thing to do. We want to help you ensure the safety of your family and your possessions. Does your house have broken locks, antique locks, or just locks youve lost the keys for? If you do, let us help you to choose new better locks for your home. If you dont want to change locks, we will gladly try to fix your locks or Re-Key them. Do you have too many different locks in your house? If they are similar in style, we can re-key them all to one key. Imagine just having to carry one key, instead of 3, 4, or more.

House Lockouts

left keys inside home

Everyone has locked their keys inside of their house and ended up locked out of their own home. Most times, it happens with doorknobs since we don’t need the key to lock them behind us. If you are locked out of your home and you are reading this, whatever you do it is strongly recommended not to try to get in on your own by damaging the locks. Many people when locked out try to damage or break the locks with the hope of opening the door. Most locks are designed to stay locked even when damaged. Normally not only do the locks stay locked, but they become impossible to pick, making the job more difficult for the locksmith and costly for you. Overall, it is better time wise and cost wise to call a trusted professional locksmith and let them do it right the first time. In the long run, it will save a lot of time and money.

Whether it’s deadbolts, doorknobs, security doors, storm doors or padlocks – we unlock them all. Our locksmith technicians have plenty of experience picking most types of locks and we will get you into your own home quickly without inflicting any damage to the lock or door.

Lost House Keys

When you lose your house keys it is always important to try to assess how much of a risk there is of the keys ending up in the wrong hands. Even if there is a slight possibility of this happening, it is enough of a reason to re-key your locks and deny access to anybody trying to use that key. In the other scenario where you are absolutely sure that the lost keys cannot come back to haunt you there is always the option of cutting a new old key from your existing locks. At Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock we can do whichever option fits your needs.

Lock Re-keying


From master key systems to making your locks work better, re-keying is used to serve many different functions. But, in most cases Re-keying is referred to changing the tumblers of the lock to fit a new key and this way denying access to anyone using a copy of an old key. There are many good reasons for re-keying locks and it is normally a cheaper alternative to replacing the locks.

It is always recommended to change the locks when you move to a new home or when you are not sure who has a copy of your key. Many times people have a locksmith re-key their locks to make them all fit the same key, and avoid the confusion of dealing with several different keys. Also, lock re-keying is used to make locks work better. For example, if you have ever had a problem when a key was not turning smoothly in the lock, it is commonly a problem that can be fixed with re-keying done by a professional locksmith.

Repair and Replacement of Locks

Most locks are designed to be very durable and even the cheap ones will normally last at least five to eight years. But like everything man made, locks do break. When they do, repairing or replacing them is urgently required to avoid getting locked inside or outside of your own home.

If you are dealing with a simple standard doorknob or deadbolt you can replace the broken lock yourself by buying the exact same brand and model at the hardware store. The locks you buy at hardware store come with simple instructions, and in most cases it is an easy job. Like many things, installing a standard lock can be easy, but installing it well can be a little bit harder. If you are not fully confident in dealing with your broken locks, our locksmith technicians are on call to get it done for you in a quick, professional and affordable manner.

At Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock when dealing with a broken lock, our locksmith technicians are trained to quickly examine it and determine what would be the more inexpensive option. If the problem can be fully solved with a quick repair, we will do just that. Unlike many other Denver locksmiths, we will not try to sell you a new lock just so we can make a little extra money. We promise not to sell you anything unnecessary and to always offer the most cost effective option.

Lock Upgrade

Maybe where you live is a relatively low crime area, however even a small risk for a break-in is too big of a risk in our opinion. If you want more peace of mind, upgrading a lock is always a good way to start. At Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock, we work with a variety of lock brands that offer a wide spectrum of security levels and pricing. We can take a look at your door and locks and give you different recommendations depending on your security needs.

Residential Locksmith Services:

  • We Offer 24/7 Home Lockout
  • We Re-Key Locks
  • We Install Locks
  • We Fix Locks
  • We Fix Doors
  • We install door blocks
  • We Install Deadbolts

  • We can repair your Home Safe
  • We install Doorbells
  • We install Buzzer systems
  • We install Patio Locks
  • We service sliding door locks
  • We can install Mail Boxes

Our Locksmiths Are:

– Fully trained locksmiths
– Licensed, bonded, & insured

– Undergone background checks
– Courteous and Prompt

Examples of Brands we service and sell:

Locks: Medeco, Schlage, Emtek, Kwikset and others
Electronic Safe Locks: S&G, SecuRam Systems, LaGard, Kaba and more
Safes: ASP, Hayman Safes, LSDA Safes, Eurovault and more
CCRTV: Canon, EverFocus, Altronix, PanaVise, ATV and more

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Castle Hills
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