Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock is the only factory certified LKM service/instillation company in Texas. Certified by Lockmasters Inc. on all LKM7000 series locks; our team is hands down the best LKM7000 technicians in the state. From new installs to servicing existing locks, we understand the importance that your SCIF remains secure each and every time that door closes.

About LKM7000 Series Locks

The LKM 7000 Series meets FF-L-2890 and is DoD & UL approved. The LKM 7000 Series is a Pedestrian Door/dead bolt lock that is a single motion exit, with the highest level of security. The LKM 7000 Series meet the certification for SCIF’s, and NFPA 101 Codes

1. The LKM has a bolt sensor that monitors the LKM bolt position.LKM7003
2. The LKM has a bolt sensor that monitors the Kaba Mas X-0 bolt position.

UL listing for  a 20 minute fire rating, ANSI/UL, UBC 7-2 (1997)

In the event of an power outage, the key override option is used, however if the Kaba Mas X-0 lock is in the locked position, the key override will not unlock the LKM 7000 Series. This LKM 7000 Series is also in compliance with FF-L-2890 if the power does go out a “quick, safe exit in the case of an emergency”.

The LKM 7000 Series complies with the ADA & UFAS.

This is a feature that uses a key that can lock the LKM 7000 Series to make it an exit only device. This controls the flow of traffic in one area.

The LKM 7000 Series is capable of integrating with an access control system.

FF-L-2980 requires a trip device to engage the dead bolt into the strike. The LKM 7000 Series has trigger that is activated when it comes in contact with the strike

Types of LKM7000 Series Locks


LKM7003The LKM7003 equipped with Kaba Mas X-09 and key override is the ideal entry lock for any SCIF facility. This lock incorporates state of the art access control with bolt monitoring and free egress to meet even the strictest fire code.


LKM7006The LKM7006 is designed for entry into internal SCIF doors. This lock is intended to work with an already existing access control infrastructure to make access to any internal sensitive room effortless. The key override feature allows you to gain access even in the event of a major power failure.


LKM7004The LKM7004 is designed much like the 7006 for use with the infrastructures internal access control but with out the venerability of a key override.


LKM7002The LKM7002 is exit only and was designed to meet all fire code for SCIF emergency exit doors.