A safe, efficient and comfortable environment for health professionals and their patients

San Antonio Locksmith

Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock a local leader in security solutions, now responds to the unique challenges of healthcare security. Targeting the specific expectations of managements, staff and patients, we offer a range of advanced security solutions that combine leading High Security with exceptional convenience.

A modern healthcare facility has unique security needs of its own – quite different from those of other businesses and institutions. A highly sensitive operation, frequented daily by numerous customers, visitors and multi-professional personnel, the health care facility is a special, dynamic environment, facing a critical dual security challenge.

Maintaining maximum security: closely guarding confidential files and records, protecting expensive state-of-the-art equipment, and preventing theft and abuse of drugs, syringes and other valuable items.

Allowing convenient access and easy locking for authorized persons at protected points, while facilitating the flow of traffic through public areas.

Only security systems that satisfy both needs can create the efficient, advanced and safe environment required for optimized 21st century professional healthcare.

Advanced High Security

Guard your entrances against undesirable intruders, with state-of-the-art access control solutions.

Prevent theft from offices and treatment rooms with our smart electronic solutions and strong locking mechanisms.

Protect confidential files, drugs and expensive equipment with our Fuller’s extensive range of locking products: locks for metal, wood and glass doors, padlocks, special locks for lockers, cabinets and more. Enhance this protection by defining access permissions and tracking movements at each lock, with our advanced access control capabilities.

Control security all around the premises, 24 hours a day, through Fuller’s modern access control solutions and patented multi-purpose master key systems, incorporated into a wife range of security products.

Optimal Convenience

Easy to manage automatic locking & unlocking. The main entrances and doorways may be set to two alternative modes: the ‘passage mode’, allowing unobstructed flow of traffic during working hours, or the access control/security mode, requiring a personal code card to open the door. For the system manager’s convenience, doorways can be programmed to change automatically from one mode to the other at predetermined times, such as the facility’s opening and closing hours.

Wire-free installation & operation. Fuller’s specializes in wire-free High Security access control and locking solutions. Featuring advanced capabilities equivalent to those of online systems, these products allow easier, cost-effective instillation and maintenance.

Friendly door opening devices. Personnel can easily guard their rooms with self-locking coded door handles, and access protected areas with a range of convenient electronic door openers: keypads, cards, keys, tags and silicon bracelets.

Easy Control

As system manager, you always know that someone has walked in through pre-selected doorways, and precisely when the event occurred, through our easy-to-use tracking technologies.

You determine precisely who may enter through which doorways, and at what time, conveniently regulating hte movements of customers, staff, suppliers, cleaning personnel etc.

You can promptly cancel and replace lost keys/tags, and invalidate card of persons no longer authorized to enter.