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How to install a Deadbolt for garage door

Working in San Antonio as a Locksmith I have noticed that many homes built prior to 1990, and some even after that, don’t have a deadbolt lock on the exterior garage door. This means the only thing guarding your most vulnerable entry point is a spring latch that can in most cases be bypassed through the simple use of a credit card.

deadbolt diagram

Not having deadbolt securing your exterior garage door represents a serious residential security risk; once inside of the garage the would be burglars have all the time and usually tools necessary to break down the interior garage door and thus gain access to the rest of your home.

Many home owners may not realize how vulnerable they are or perhaps they just might not want to pay the money to have a deadbolt installed by a professional locksmith. In either case installing a deadbolt lock into your exterior garage door is probably the most cost effective way of increasing your residential security.

If money is an issue, as these days it often times is, you can perform the installation yourself. To assist in this task we at NorCal Locksmith have put together an instructional video that walks you step by step through the fresh installation of a deadbolt door lock.

About dot com video for Installing Deadbolt

If the video was a bit overwhelming, then please consider using Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock for all your residential needs, including deadbolt installation for your home.

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